Hey, y'all. Allix here.

I guess you could call me the brains (LOL) behind this wonderland. I’m a wife to a handsome southern man, Lyles Clay, and Mama to two sweet and ornery little girls, Claire & AJ.

We live in a small town in Oklahoma on a pretty piece of land that’s been in the family for years with our animals… 1 cat, Woodrow (as in F. Call from Lonesome Dove), Little Man (he’s a Chihuahua mix with Little Man syndrome), Evie, an adorable but very shy Papillion, and Roo, the pretty little Aussiedor (Australian Shepherd/Labrador mix) who showed up at our home and into our hearts one day.




My day starts with coffee and more often than not ends with a glass of wine.

My favorite days are the ones where I can stay in my PJs but I also really love putting on makeup and rocking a cute outfit.

I use an embarrassing amount of dry shampoo.

I love cooking a hearty, soulful meal almost as much as I enjoy ordering a pizza for delivery, and while I always feel good after I work out I still can't manage to create that habit.




I’ve been keeping a journal ever since I knew how to write, so blogging was a simple and very therapeutic transition. I’m usually laughing but I also appreciate the value of a good therapist and some anxiety medication.

I’m a hot mess mom in a Pinterest world and I wave that flag proudly, because I think we all need a little balance.


I started blogging back in college and I’ve had a few hobby blogs since then, but Wonderland has become a fun little community and a home of sorts.


So if you’re like me, you love your family above all else but still fight for your own identity, welcome to the tribe. Allix in Wonderland is a lifestyle blog for all women, especially working moms who are chasing little ones while chasing their dreams, and work hard to keep it all together while still finding time to let loose. Style, beauty, some simple recipes (and probably some wine recommendations), the beauty and the mess of motherhood, career talk and tips on battling debt, these are just a few of the topics you’ll find here.

Welcome to Wonderland… I’m sure glad you’re here.