You probably have guessed it by now… but Fall is my favorite! I love the food, the weather, football and the fashion! Although I’m no fashion maven, I do have some favorite fall looks!

There are some trends that I am LOVING for Fall 2016. For example:

  • Fall Makeup:
    • Peach lids
      • Although, I love a little brown shimmer mixed in to add some depth!
    • Glittery eyeliner
      • This is a stretch for me. I like a little shimmer on my lids, but I may have to step out of my comfort zone for this one!
    • Black and Charcoal Lined Eyes
      • YOU GUYS! ShadowSense blends super well and it’s perfect for a shadow or an eyeline. I seriously wear my Onyx every.!
    • Berry Lips
      • My current favorite is LipSense Berry, Sheer Berry and Plum. Swoon.

Always in Style:

  • Fresh Face
  • Classic Red Lip

I love that Senegence offers makeup that lasts all day, and doesn’t smudge or wear off. I mean, as a mom, although I love makeup and fashion and looking and feeling great, I don’t have time to reapply or worry if my makeup has smudged!

And the clothes… oh man.

Jeans, ripped, frayed and worn well. Sweaters, loafers, booties, and fun accessories.

I also love a good graphic t-shirt or two, especially dressed up with some cute jewelry and a messy top knot.

Also, I’ve been on the lookout for these adorable booties but they have been SOLD OUT everywhere! From Amazon to small, local boutiques, they must be one hot item! But obviously, look how cute they are!

This Mama's Favorite Fall Looks: Cutie Booties

Seriously, if you know where to find these I will be your forever best friend!

Unfortunately this Oklahoma weather has really been putting a damper on my fall spirit. It’s hard to enjoy a nice spicy chili or a warm, PSL when it’s still 90+ degrees outside.

What are some of your favorite fall looks?


Good Jeans


Ripped Jeans


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