A lot of my goals have changed lately.


Long term goals. Short term goals.

Financial goals, weight loss goals…

I’m in a period of life where things in my life, and myself for that matter, are evolving. I’m going through what I like to call a ‘snail’ stage.

A snail grows and grows until he gets so big that it’s actually painful for him to stay in his current shell, and he has to completely leave his shell behind to move in to a new one.

It’s pretty relatable to our human existance if you think about it.

We’re constantly growing, and sometimes that can cause growing pains… or pains in our relationships or other areas in our life.

With that being said, I’m really trying to take stock in what I’ve got going on in my life lately, and trying to downsize in a few areas. I’ve been feeling a bit streched thin, and I’ve realized the more I try to do the worse off I am.

I’ve slowly been creating a Vision Board for the last few months, but I would really like to have it completed and hanging in my office where I can see it constantly.

I have been looking to add a few statement pieces in frames around it, but I haven’t found many that really fit what I’m going for…

So I designed one myself!

Because I love ya, I’ve added it to my store, and you can download it FO’ FREE!

Grab it here:



I will be posting more on vision boards, goals and finances in the coming weeks, because I feel like that’s my life lately.

Well, that and chasing small children around the house.


I would love to see your vision boards! Share with me here on on Facebook or Instagram!


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