This year, I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done…. I’ve joined a Fantasy Football league!

Even though makeup, fashion and recipes are more my style over sports, there is one sport that I. Absolutely. Love….


I’m talking helmets clashing, running down the play clock, Holy Mary, good ol’ U. S. of A football.

I’m more partial to college football (Gooooo POKES!) but I like to watch some NFL as well.

Every year my husband’s work has a league set up and he asked if I wanted to join in, so I said sure! How hard could it be right?

Well then I started doing some research….

I don’t know if you guys know this, but there are a LOT of NFL teams. Which means there’s A LOT of different positions and HUNDREDS of players to choose from. Then you have to be conscious of by-weeks, injuries, etc. I got a little overwhelmed to say the least. And then add in the pressure of drafting in a TIMED environment with other ‘teams’ all vying for the same players. Wowza.

One of the best resources I found was actually written by a fellow blogger, Sarah over at her blog: Venus Trapped in Mars. She has tons of great posts on all things sports, football and most relevant here, Fantasy Football!

I’ve been watching football for, oh, umm, let’s see here, MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE (Thanks, Dad and now husband for taking over all TVs in the house every Monday, Thursday and weekends since forever) so I do know the basics of the game, like positions, basic rules and a few bits and pieces on play calling.

However, I don’t pay close enough attention (especially to the NFL) to know all the players and their stats. My husband, on the other hand, can tell you all sorts of players from all the different teams and can even give you little details about their status ‘Oh yeah, so-and-so won’t be starting Monday because of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah’. Umm, ok, Rain Man.

Let’s take a break here for some raw honesty….

I was most looking forward to the draft party ’cause your girl LOVES a good party. 

Moving on.

So to really prepare myself, I sat down and created my own Google Doc for my Fantasy Football draft so I could keep track of who my top picks were, and if they had already been taken or not. On one hand, I’m really glad I did this because I was able to get pretty familiar with the top names in the league, which helped during the draft but even when I’m watching the games, if I hear a name I drafted, or wanted to draft I really zone into the game more. On the other hand…. The draft goes by SO. DARN. FAST. Y’all, I’m not even kidding.

Let’s talk more about that…

The Draft Party

First if all, friends, beer and food. Yeah, it was awesome.

But as for the actual drafting part of the draft party, you guys my A.D.D. was not prepared for the speed and focus in which this event requires.

So do yourself a favor, login in early, get your wish list going on the NFL Draft Center, and set it up to auto draft.

“But Allix, what does that even mean?”

Well, after you do your research, you can go in and start adding players, then, once the draft actually goes live, you can select Auto Draft, and the system will automatically fill in the best available option for your list.

Watch Out For This Fantasy Football

Make sure to really watch your team to see how many positions you have available.

Example… I know I wanted my team full of good Wide Receivers (WR) and Running Backs (RB) and I knew I wanted to try and grab a fairly decent Quarterback (QB).


Because these positions tend to bring in the most points!

Then once I had a pretty good line up, I focused on adding in Tight Ends (TE), Linebackers (LB), a solid Defense, and a kicker.

Poor kickers, they’re always last.

Here is how my ‘schedule’ worked out, if you will:

Mama's and Makeup NFL Fantasy Football Draft Schedule

So while you want to keep that auto draft set up so you don’t get distracted and miss your draft slot (that happened to me twice…. I blame the chips and salsa), you also want to make sure you’re not missing out on key players for lower positions. I moved up my QB pick when I saw that Aaron Rodgers (heyyyyy) was still available, and he hasn’t let me down!

I know, I know, I’m telling you to set up the auto draft but also to sometimes use it… the point is… You’ll just have to pay attention.

Alright, so how is all this working out for me?

Well, I won my first week, but then completely forgot to check my team for Week 2, and one of my starters had an injury so one of my RB’s got a big fat goose egg for me, but I’ve come back swinging for Week 3! I’m currently 6th in our league, and should move up a bit after tonight’s game.

So to wrap up, here’s some takeaway’s: 

  • Check your team AT LEAST once per week. I’m trying to remember to check mine a few times a week.
    • Pay attention to by-weeks, If your QB is out, substitute him for your bench QB, same for other players
  • The NFL has a lot of great resources, but go with your gut, especially if you watch football on the regular
  • Download the NFL Fantasy Football app. It’s not the best app ever, but it’s really handy. Download it here.
  • Most importantly, if you win, make sure to rub it in big time. But if you lose, just try to keep under the radar.

….Ok, ok, maybe don’t follow my advice on that one. But seriously, Fantasy Football has been a lot of fun so far, I’ve learned a ton, AND BONUS! It’s been a really fun way for my husband and I to connect!


Good luck you Fantasy Football Queens!



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