I think it’s safe to say that anytime I get mail that’s not a bill I have to pay, I consider it happy mail.

Which means when my new Erin Condren Life Planner for 2017-2018 came in I considered it the happiest mail of all time!!

Want to take a sneak peek at all the goodies?! Let’s go!


I started using the Erin Condren Life Planner in 2016. I’ve always been a fan of keeping a schedule, and while I do use Google Calendar for a lot of things, I just find that I’m more productive using a hard copy planner than I can actually write in.


It’s become a part of my daily routine. After I get up and get ready in the mornings, I head straight to my office to ‘check in’ with my personal assistant…. AKA, the EC Life Planner.

I put my planners through A LOT of wear and tear. I even have the clutch to store my planner, pens and stickers in, but the poor thing still gets tossed around in my purse, left in the kitchen to encounter spills and crumbs, stolen by my precocious toddler… and yet even through all of this it held up beautifully!

The Life Planners do come with removable covers, so you are able to switch them up as often as you want.

I never did this. I rarely even use the cute stickers, which is really sad because if you’ve ever searched for ‘Erin Condren’ on Pinterest you will see that there are a lot of creative people out there who love to decorate their planners. You guys… I haven’t even decorated my house and we’ve been living here for almost three years. But I digress.

Like I said, there are a lot of ideas on Pinterest on how to use/decorate your planner. Some people use it as a diary or journal. I use it to keep some sort of sanity. But the beautiful thing about it is that these planners perform so well no matter how you want to use them!




I like to think of Erin Condren as the Disney of planners. Everything is amazing. Even down to the minute details. The customer service, the customization options, the designs, the accessories, even the ordering process… It’s very clear that every single step was thought through, and 100% for the customer,  meticulously. Each product feels like a labor of love that is graciously passed down with the user in mind.

I ordered my planner with few customizations (just my name/year on the front cover), and it was shipped within 8 hours. It even arrived a day earlier than it was supposed to. GLORY.

This is something I’ve only ever encountered with Amazon Prime. It makes me so happy. Embarrassingly happy.

Even the packaging is amazing.

I mean, how adorable, am I right?

And then check out the inside! I die.

Another thing I love (yes, there are about a million) about EC, are the inspirational quotes that are just sprinkled throughout the products. That ‘Wisdom begins with wonder’ post card is now on my vision board hanging in my office. But even throughout the planners there are amazing little quotes and sayings that just help you power through the day/week/month/year.

And a bonus for this year’s planner, those quotes also double as coloring pages. So you can be inspired, creative and relax your mind all at once. Because Erin loves us and wants us to be our best selves. … I mean, I’ve never spoken with her, so that’s just an assumption, but she seems really great, you guys.

Ok, so back to the unboxing…

I slowly pull back the tissue paper to reveal her in all her glory…

Ahhh…. hello, beautiful.


But that’s not even the most exciting part… included with my planner was a zipper pouch full of goodies!

  • Plan For It Zipper Pouch
  • Coil Clip Connector (which I used to clip the pouch into my planner to hold sticky notes, stickers and a pen)
  • Compliment Cards (which I place in spaces for other people to find in hopes maybe it makes their day better)
  • Gift Tag Stickers

It really is a box full of happy!

Let’s flip through this bad boy, shall we?


I mean, even a special place to write down your goals!

…Ok, honestly, this may be the only thing I don’t love about the planner. And that’s just because I don’t feel like the goals I’m able to make for myself right now, like ‘Empty the dishwasher’ and ‘Meal plan for like 2 days’, deserve to be here.

This is the section before you start each month. A cute little quote and a page to…. I’m not really sure. I’m thinking I might write some goals down here? Or maybe use it as a brain dump page? If you’ve got this planner send me your brilliant ideas!

With my first planner, I did the vertical layout. I liked it, but I also didn’t know any different.

This time I went with the horizontal layout and it works so much better for me. I’m not one to plan my entire day, step-by-step (which, maybe that would help my life, I don’t know), but I write the tasks I need to get done down, and then the tasks I want to get done down, and then add in any reminders there in between. 

I use the monthly view as a snapshot of my month, and for quick reminders.

Eventually I’ll write an entire post about how I use my planner, including color coding and my legend. But for now, I’ll just cover the basics!

Remember the pouch and coil clip I mentioned earlier? Here is how it works:

Just peel the backing off the clip, and stick it to your pouch. Then clip the pouch onto your coil. So simple. So wonderful.


There are tons of different planners (coiled, hardback, wedding, teacher…) and accessories (stickers, pens, notebooks, clutches…) so you can go CRAZY and build your perfect system.




What’s your favorite way to stay organized?


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