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Oh Spotify, we had a good run…

I’m one of those people who has a hard time dealing with silence… and to be totally honest, I think this really happened A.C. (after children).

I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m constantly surrounded by noise, so when it’s too quite I have this deep down feeling that something is wrong.

Even at work, I have to have some sort of music in the background.

I have had a Spotify premium account for almost two years and I loved it. I loved having basically everytype of music at my fingertips.

Comedy? Check.

Podcasts? Check.

Favorite Soundtracks? You bet.

Popular playlists and current trends? Of course!

It was so handy. It was like the perfect mix of Pandora (if I wasn’t in the mood for anything in particular you could find a station and customize it by ‘liking’ or ‘disliking’ the songs/artists) and iTunes.

But then I got on this Garth Brooks kick, and guess who doesn’t allow Spotify the rights to his music?

Yep, Mr. G.O.A.T himself.

(And if you are wondering, that stands for Greatest Of All Time).

So then I started looking at Garth’s music player, Ghost Tunes. It really didn’t offer the selection I wanted.

But then, I was doing some shopping on Amazon, like I do a couple times per week (if you don’t have it yet…. Amazon Prime will seriously change your life. Sign up for a free trial ASAP) when I saw an add for Amazon music. It’s a monthly music subscription, much like Spotify, but there are a few major differences…

  1. Garth (+Adele and Taylor Swift). They also have comedy, soundtracks, podcasts and more! If you are more into the emerging artist scene, I’d stick with Spotify.
  2. Prime Music is actually *included* with your Prime Membership! So not only do you get free 2-day shipping, the ability to borrow Kindle books, discounts on tons of other stuff, but you also get access to over 2 MILLION songs. For free. Plus, you get a discount on your Prime Music Unlimited Plans, which, with those discounts, comes out to the same price as SpotifyUnlimited but you get so. much. more. value. It’s unreal.

I’m a huge lover of Amazon. It’s just to easy and convenient. Plus, I always shop at so that way a portion of the sales goes to the charity of my choice. Love.

Here is a list of Amazon Prime benefits:

Benefits of Amazon Prime


So, the take-away is, I broke up with Spotify for a better music selection, better value, and brand loyalty.

And Garth.

…Ok, mainly Garth.


Interested in Amazon Prime or Prime Music Unlimited? Check out the banner below for more info!




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